PCB DesignOur experienced engineers can provide you with custom design work or consult with you on your own assembly. Our expertise in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly can help you define an efficient, ready-to-manufacture unit. We offer services in:

  • Product Specifications
  • Electrical Engineering
  • PCB Layout
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Testing
PCB SpecificationsThe product specification phase is a crucial step in any project. Using a targeted approach, we help your organization reduce potential issues early on the design process to reduce production difficulties and shorten the product lifecycle.

Action Controls’ engineering team works closely with you to assess:

  • Power Supply
  • Output Loads
  • Switching Characteristics
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Program Logic
  • Areas of Potential Abuse
  • Operator Error
  • Failure Mode
  • Default Operation
  • Approval Requirements

Through this methodical evaluation, we help reduce the margin for error to minimize costs. Our decades of experience have shown that time invested at this stage is critical for realizing project returns.

PCB Electrical EngineeringTo meet a range of customer needs, our skilled electrical engineers have created projects ranging from PCB’s with two components to control assemblies with several hundred components. As part of the engineering process, we always consider the balance of analog logic versus microprocessor control on every PCB. We have found that the flexibility and repeatability of digital microprocessor control offers significant advantages over discrete logic, and so we tend to consider these devices first. We also understand that microprocessors have to interface with the real world, and so we always consider the connections and protections that every circuit requires. By using these parameters, we will help your organization save both time and money during the engineering process.

pcb-mechanical-specificationsBeyond PCB design, layout, and production, Action Controls offers mechanical design services to package your product to meet the demanding requirements of your application. Using Solidworks, Cosmosworks, and AutoCad, we offer design, modeling and documentation services. The result is a precise solution that utilizes the best packaging materials available including sheet metal, machined metal, die cut or injection molded plastic.

We often provide intermediate and final testing as part our our complete electronic PCB Service. It is often convenient for you to ask us to test:
PCB Testing

  • Power Supply and Regulation
  • Input/Output truth tables
  • Indicator and Sensor Status
  • Intermediate voltage levels and communication protocols
  • Wiring and Connectors
  • electronic performance in environmental extremes

We are proficient in the use of most common testing devices such as DVM’s, Oscilloscopes, and Logic Analyzers, and can design and assembly complete computerized testing protocols for larger volume requirements. We can temperature cycle complete assemblies in our Blue M environmental chamber from -100 to +450 degrees Fahrenheit 3 times per hour for preliminary stress analysis and long term life analysis.

As part of our design services, we often provide assistance in obtain compliance with UL, ETL, CSA, and CE regulatory bodies. We can insure that your design meets the requirements of the applicable specifications and provide economical pre-testing services to make the final approval process move quickly and economically.