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Time is money, hence why we’ve created assembly processes that produce PCB’s of the highest quality with fast turnarounds. We can help with both box build and turnkey requests for either surface mount technology (SMT) or through-hole printed circuit boards.

You can either provide us with a bill of materials (BOM) or contract us to provide a consignment assembly using your components or any combination of both. If required, our facility can conformally coat or pot the PCB assemblies, install them into enclosures, add wiring harnesses as needed, and perform final testing.

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Quality Fast For Your PCB Assembly Project

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Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assemblies

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) AssembliesWe use our carefully maintained machines to populate your pick and place assemblies. You can either elect to provide us with stencils for printing or we can supply them as part of our setup. To prevent issues from arising from incorrect solder temperatures we carefully program and monitor our reflow profiles. SMT assembly components are often glued to the solder side of the board and then cured.

Our team then inspects the final assembly to IPC standards to guarantee product quality. Special requirements, printer settings, feeder locations and programs, and reflow profiles are always carefully documented and maintained to allow repeatable and efficient processes.

Through-Hole PCB Assemblies

Through-Hole PCB AssembliesWe carefully form and position through-hole PCB parts using well-documented stuffing procedures and kit specific diagrams. The printed circuit boards are wave soldered with water soluble flux to attach bottom side SMT and THT parts.

To prevent corrosion the PCB’s parts are then washed in deionized water to remove all flux contaminants. Finally the through-hole component leads are carefully trimmed to IPC standards or your specifications and the PCB’s are packaged in static-proof bags for delivery.

Frequently Asked PCB Assembly Questions

We can provide any combinations of Turnkey Assembly from your Bill of Materials or Consignment Assembly using your components. Then we can coat or pot the PCB assemblies, install them into enclosures, add wiring harnesses as needed, and perform final testing.
Yes! There may be significant savings for your project in our turnkey assembly services. Our purchasing teams have an established, extended catalog of key contacts in the industry, many of whom offer pre-negotiated volume discounts. Working from your bill of materials, we can source:

  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • SMT Components
  • Through Hole Components
  • Conformal Coating from Acrylic Spray to Epoxy Potting
  • Mechanical Components
  • Wires and Terminals

Everything you need to take your Gerber files to complete production is inside our turnkey product kits. Partial turnkey services are also available if you any have specialized parts (including PCBs). We inventory materials and provide completed, inspected, and tested products based on your bills of material and product specifications. We’ll carefully monitor and control inventory with our Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system.

Absolutely! We can assemble parts that you supply to us, either on a case by case basis, or through repeat builds. When we receive your box build, we carefully audit the contents against your bill of materials, assemble the products to your specifications, and store excess parts in a secure location for return to you or use in future builds. We also provide programming, packaging and full testing to your requirements as optional parts of our service.

We respect your privacy and the proprietary nature of your project’s information. Your materials are carefully audited, boxed, and stored in a separate inventory area until they are assembled to your requirements. Each kit is carefully labeled and tracked using your names and part numbers. Any extra parts are clearly documented so as to return or replenish your build. Inventory carried in stock for future builds (SMT resistors and capacitors for example) is carefully counted and reported to you on a quarterly basis.

Yes, we can dip or spray your PCB Assemblies with either silicone or acrylic formulations. Our automatic dip coater builds up and cures silicone coatings to .080 inches thick for up to 66 boards at one time. We can spray PCB assemblies in complete safety using our acrylic spray cabinet.

Acrylic conformal coating is best for PCB Assemblies exposed to occasional moisture, like humidity.

Silicone coating, on the other hand, is a heat cured liquid polymer can be built up to very heavy levels with successive dipping operations and will allow the PCB Assembly to operate after direct water spray application. Unlike polyurethane or epoxy potting, however, it’s relatively soft cure also allows access to and repair of damaged components. We recommend silicone coating for any of these conditions:

  • Where a PCB Assembly will be exposed to high humidity levels
  • Broad and rapid temperature fluctuations causing moisture condensation
  • Potential direct exposure to rain due to maintenance operations

In applications where a PCB Assembly will be subjected to extremes of heat and cold, vibration, chemical solutions or high moisture levels, it may be best protected by potting in one of a number of different potting formulations available.

Hard Epoxies are generally suitable for through hole assemblies where the complication of an enclosure is undesirable, where certain geometric constraints may be applied, or where particular molded in features such as mounting feet, studs, etc. may be applicable. This material is less suitable for SMT assemblies where many formulations may intrude beneath components and cause mechanical failures.

Semi-Flexible Polyurethanes are best suited to SMT Assemblies where their semi-rigidity protects the delicate components, draws heat away, and does not apply undesirable strains to the components themselves. A potting box is generally required to define the final shape and retain the material during curing.

We recommend potting for following conditions where the PCB assembly may be exposed to:

  • Brackish water
  • Chemical solutions
  • Extreme environmental situations such as heat and or vibration in conjunction with water intrusion

We have the experience and the tools to pot a short run manually or a larger run using automatic equipment.

Yes, we can provide small wire harnesses, generally in conjunction with mechanical assembly, but often simply as a means to reduce the number on connection points-a common area of problems in electronic assemblies. Some areas where we can help:

  • In mechanical assembly, we can attach switches, sensors, and power harnesses which are then tested as a complete assembly.
  • As part of a conformally coated or potted assembly, wires are often soldered into the board as part of the wave soldering process-thus eliminating a connector.
  • Hookup wires with special connectors can be provided as part of a service kit to enable timely parts replacement.

Our extensive inventory of bulk wires, combined with automatic cut and strip machines enables efficient and cost effective wire harness production.

Certainly! Many companies which specialize in areas other than electronics use our mechanical assembly services to provide complete electrical/electronic sub-assemblies, fully tested and ready for immediate installation in larger equipment. We can provide the following services:

  • design and obtain panels or enclosures
  • mount electronic PCB’s
  • insert switches and sensors
  • cut and install wiring and connectors
  • cast the complete assembly in potting compound
  • load test the final sub-assembly
  • package the final product for shipment to the end user

Consider our mechanical assembly services as a way to simplify your assembly chores.

We often provide intermediate and final testing as part our our complete electronic PCB Service. It is often convenient for you to ask us to test:

  • Power Supply and Regulation
  • Input/Output Truth Tables
  • Indicator and Sensor Status
  • Intermediate Voltage Levels and Communication Protocols
  • Wiring and Connectors
  • Electronic Performance in Environmental Extremes

We are proficient in the use of most common testing devices such as DVM’s, Oscilloscopes, and Logic Analyzers, and can design and assembly complete computerized testing protocols for larger volume requirements. We can temperature cycle complete assemblies in our Blue M environmental chamber from -100 to +450 degrees Fahrenheit 3 times per hour for preliminary stress analysis and long term life analysis.

As part of our design services, we often provide assistance in obtain compliance with UL, ETL, CSA, and CE regulatory bodies. We can insure that your design meets the requirements of the applicable specifications and provide economical pre-testing services to make the final approval process move quickly and economically.

On all bulk orders over $5k or
$2.5k monthly purchase order commitment*

*Restriction may apply, please call for details.

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