Quality Fast™

Quality because we demand it as much as our customers expect it. Fast because our processes will support it.

At Action Controls, we understand that high quality products are essential to meeting your expectations. That’s why we focus on quality assurance in our manufacturing processes and facility, completing your project in a timely manner and providing you

To achieve these high quality standards, we adhere to certain values which include:

  • Motivated, trained and certified personnel
  • 100% AOI (first article) inspection
  • Documented procedures for accuracy and transparency
  • Maintained and Calibrated Equipment
  • An efficient process for RMA product resulting in a rapid turnaround
All products assembled at Action Controls are inspected 100% at the SMT level, prior to wave soldering and packaging. Our internal testing processes are designed to identify repetitive problems at the point of origin to minimize rework requirements.

At Action Controls, we believe that accurate and complete documentation is a key element of consistent quality control. When you provide us with technical specifications, assembly instructions, sketches or verbal directives, a copy of each is archived. This file also contains process monitoring information for each production run and the serial numbers of the PCBs associated with each work order. This thorough process ensures that the products you receive will precisely match earlier work orders.

All products in our assembly process are tracked with a work order packet containing:

  • Work Order Documentation with identity number, customer contact points, quantity, and due date.
  • Traveler Documentation outlining relevant procedures and applicable quality standards.
  • Manufacturing documentation detailing component locations, manufacturing requirements, and special customer requirements.

Work order packets are continuously updated as manufacturing processes are refined by our customer.

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Careful records, analysis, and repair of returned material (RM) results from the following process:

  1. RM is recorded in our RM log, including customer, part number, and description of error.
  2. RM is held in the RM locker pending testing and disposition.
  3. RM is carefully tested to determine the root cause(s) for noted error(s).
  4. The RM Review Committee determines final disposition.
  5. Complete records of all RM are maintained and analyzed for trends which may affect future production.

Returned Material review records are available for customer review at any time.