For new customers, we can provide a list of references where we have provided exceptional electronic manufacturing services. To showcase our capabilities, shown here are several examples of work that we have completed or are currently building for our customers:

  1. Clutch Control: Mixed SMT and TH components Epoxy Potted in a Custom Enclosure
  2. Interlock: Mixed SMT and TH components Coated with Silicone
  3. Engine Monitor: TH components Coated with Silicone in a Custom Cover
  4. Oven Control: Mixed SMT and TH components Acrylic Coated, mounted in an SS enclosure, wired for installation
  5. Valve Control 1: TH components Cast in Epoxy with a Custom Cover
  6. Valve Control 2: Mixed SMT and TH components Clear Epoxy Potted to form a custom assembly

Clutch Control

Function: This unit monitors engine rpm and engages a clutch.
Features: Deutsch Plug Connector, 2×16 wide temperature LCD Display, SMT and Through hole construction, potted in epoxy in a custom aluminum housing, data logging and IRDA communication to a remote PC.


Function: This PC Board monitors the presence of required outriggers and disables operation in their absence on an aerial work platform. It also monitors main and auxiliary battery voltage and flashes warning signals and eventually disables lift operation to protect main battery function and allow safe descent.
Features: SMT and Through Hole construction, silicone conformal coating, high intensity warning LED, microprocessor control.

Engine Monitor

Function: This unit monitors engine rpm, water temperature, and oil pressure to control the fuel solenoid.
Features: Cage Clamp terminal strip, DIN rail mounting clip, through hole construction, silicone conformal coating, multiple function LED, microprocessor control.

Oven Control

Function: The system controls oven temperature and humidity with multiple baking programs. Programs may be re-defined by the baker and stored.
Features: Full assembly of PCBs in enclosures, wiring harnesses as required, SMT and through hole construction, heartbeat power and multiple trouble shooting LEDs, acrylic spray conformal coating, flash programmable microprocessor control.

Valve Control 1

Function: Using a PWM signal, this unit controls a proportional solenoid valve or DC motor. PWM frequency, ramp up, ramp down, maximum current, and minimum current are adjustable. 9 to 28 vdc, 0 to 2.5 amps. Input is 0 to 5 vdc from a potentiometer or microcontroller.
Features: Deutsch Plug Connector, 2 turn pots, through hole construction, power and error LED’s, epoxy potting.

Valve Control 2

Function: This unit controls multiple functions on a lift. Each function is protected against overload with a resetting fuse. Self diagnostics are included and error codes shown on a two segment display.
Features: High Density Amp Plug, SMT and through hole construction, heartbeat power LED, clear epoxy potting with built-in feet and mounting nuts, flash programmable micro-processor control.