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Quote request quantities can be One Time, Regular deliveries (I.E. Monthly, Quarterly etc.) or yearly, with various quantities. Yearly quantities can be scheduled or ordered on demand.

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Information Provided
Please check below the information you can provide. These electronic files are either required or helpful in quoting and production of your assembly. Gerber Files, Centroid Data files, and CAD Data Files are all produced by the circuit board design software. The BOM (Bill of Material) and the AVL (Approved Vendor List) are preferably supplied as Excel files. (Max 20MB Upload)

BOM (Bill of Material) This Excel file should be a list of all materials required to build your assembly.:
Gerber Data Gerber Data files are used to fabricate the bare board. Also useful for assembly.:
Panel Gerbers Gerber Data for the Panelization is often produced by the board fabricator.:
Centroid Data This text file give the precise X and Y location of the components on the board.:
CAD File This is a large file and may need to be uploaded in a separate repository.:
Assembly Drawings This information is used to assure that all details of the assembly are quoted.:
AVL This assures that only parts approved by the customer are used.:

Manufacturing Details

Please select Yes, No or Don't Know below for each manufacturing detail or requirement. If Don't Know is selected we will contact you to discuss each requirement and determine it's importance or relevance to your project needs.

ROHS Compliant The main issue in circuit boards is Lead Free Assembly:
No-Clean Process Using a No-Clean Process eliminates some assembly steps.:
Water Wash Process If desired, indicate below any components that are not washable:
Boards Panelized Multiple boards in one panel can reduce costs:
Depanelization Required Disregard this question if boards are not panelized:
Labels Required Are there specific labeling requirements such as serialization?:
Test Required Please provide test details and estimated time required:
Conformal Coating If desired please indicate below the specific requirements:
1st Article Required Used by the customer to verify assembly prior to full production:
Materials Consigned Consigned materials are provided by the customer:
Materials Turnkey Turnkey materials are purchased by ACI:

Special Instructions

Please include below any details pertaining to the questions above and any special instructions needed to complete your assembly.